Handmade Custom Saddles by Loncey Johnson

Lets Get Started On Your Next Saddle

Whether you're looking for a swell fork or a wade saddle, I can build exactly what you are looking for.  By using only the best quality leather and hardware in the construction of all my saddles, I ensure that they will hold up to a lifetime of good use. 

All custom saddles require a nonrefundable $1,500.00 deposit 6 months from your saddles start date, and full cost must be paid in full before saddle construction will start. 
Currently my base price is $5,000.00. Due to changing costs, my base price is subject to change and is not locked in until deposits are collected. 

My current wait time for a custom saddles is about 4 years but is subject to change. 

If you would like to reserve a spot on my list please call me at
406-686-2829. At that time we can discuss what style of saddle you are looking for. 



 “The Christian shoemaker does his duty not by putting little crosses on the shoes, but by making good shoes, because God is interested in good craftsmanship.” ― Martin Luther